Science+Faith or The Natural Tug of Faith 

Science is Proof without Certainty, How, Testing and Impersonal.
Faith is Certainty without Proof, Why, Trusting and Compassionate. ( Meaning. ) 

More than 6 Billion Bibles have been printed. 

24,000+ Ancient Bible manuscripts: Precise 2000+ year old copies with thematic harmony, 
commonality and consistency of data from 40 different authors. ( historically super-unique )    

Genesis 1 : 1~3 

1. In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 

    Gen 1:1 could have occurred in zero time or 13.75 billion years by a patient God, before Life. 
    ( This agrees with the God-given Laws of Nature or science on which technology depends. )

2. And the earth was without form, ( NO Life ) and void; ( NO Possibility of Life ) and darkness 
    ( Black Atmosphere ) was upon the face of the deep. ( All Water )  
               { Initial Conditions of the Lifeless Old Earth.}

   And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. ( Reference Point ~ Looking Up )

3. And God said, Let there be light: ( from the sun ) and there was light.
    ( Translucent Atmosphere : Diffused Light : NO Shadows : Day 1 & Night * )

    On the 2th Day : The water cycle ~ weather.
    On the 4th Day : The sun, moon and stars were VISIBLE. ( Transparent Atmosphere ) 

Mystery Miracles : The sundial moving backwards 10 degress, the sun stopping for half a day
and (6) 12 HR Creation days ( NO  creation at night. ) : The Creator controls Time. 

God is omnipresent in that He exists at all times everywhere. All time and space are in Him. 
( So, where is the vast universe? ~ IN GOD! ~  a BIG, unlimited God. ~ Awesome + Accessible ) 

The Greatest Values in the universe: Faith, Hope and Love of which science has No comment. 

Proof of God will Never exist. Proof requires NO faith. 

Evolution ( better change ) is the Original Nonstarter. It can NOT start the universe and life.

Science can state life has no purpose. ( a waste? ) Everything has purpose, including life.

The reason for my Hope... Perfectly Glorious Nature (Math/Logic), The Holy Bible and Easter. 

Carefully read the First 5 books of the New Testament ( eyewitnesses ) , then tell me Who is Jesus? 

       * Dr. Hugh Ross interpretation.