Calm, Cool and Corrected (A)

Correction (A) : move the mirror board out 1" (to center with bino) or
Add 1" to (2) c'sink dims : 14.5" to 15.5" and 22.83" to 23.8".
(Due to inconsistent 'backyard' bends, c'sink holes may be made after the bends.)

300 Pound Bends

Tree Vise :

.25 & .5 x 7" plates with (2) .5 x 3+" lag screws &
1 x 2 x .13 x 4" angle

A 4+ foot long pipe/tube. (for 1.5" bend radius)

Remember to plug the tree.

Take Care : Double Error

Cardboard Bino Centering Bend Check Guage:

2.4" x 17" long with 45 deg. angle cut.

Match drill (2) c'sink holes to the mirror board
(1" x 10" x 15" Fir), c'sink and install Tee (wood) nuts
with .25-20 x 1" flat head screws.

Goto : Glass Cutting Hints

Surround (4) 1.3" long soft foam strips
on mirror (8" x 12") back with silicon sealant,
center and set over night.

Flat Bottom Box CutOut with mirror boardTop Box with bottom box inside with mirror board

Bottom Box :

Place outside of double cardboard (.3") up and mark the outline the MIRROR BOARD
plus .3" extra on each length end and .3" extra on the width. Mark 1.6" sides
(mirror board = 1" + foam =.9" - .3") Cut .1" deep on all 'down' folded lines.
Cut out. (Keep tabs to be folded inside/taped and white glued) Tape all corners.

Top Box :

Same extra dims/etc. but to the BOTTOM BOX. White glue Styrofoam to the Top Box in the
position shown. Contact glue nylon, velcro latch strap.