Cutting Makes Good Vibrations

Glass Cutting Hints:

Required: A Flat surface with a thick poster board cover
You can make one and ONLY ONE CUT.
Cut Slowly (~6 in./sec.)
Cut Perpendicularly to the glass edge
Before breaking (snapping) the glass, Wear Glasses & gloves.

Clean glass well with alcohol and tissues.
Use (2) double-stick tapes (NO slip) on the straight edge.
Oil glass wheel cutter's Bearing. Roll oil OFF wheel edge.

Holding the cutter firmly like a pencil, start the cut on the
glass flat close to the top edge and with a even 5-6 lb.
pressure, cut continuously past the bottom edge.
(A good cut will make a scratching sound, Not crunching).
IMMEDIATELY, holding the glass flat, bend the glass down at
the cut (up) exactly over the table edge for a (clean) break.

For Curved (long) Cuts:
Place your fists together with your thumbs holding down
the glass and on either side of the cut (up), roll your
fists on your 2nd & 3rd little finger knuckles.

For Thick Glass Cuts:
Place glass cutter handle under cut and press down on both sides.

Best/Cheap Glass Cleaner : ( 3% Hydrogen Peroxide ~ H2O2 )

Add 1 or 2 drops of liquid dish soap per cup of H2O2 and shake in spray jug.
( well ) window, rub with your hand and use a good squeegee.
Window disappears
( Many days ).

Also great to clean sponges.

Relieves itch: Dip tooth brush in H2O2 and brush.
( Kills bacteria, Cleans, Calms and Cools )

H2O2 is a Powerful, Healing mouthwash BEFORE bushing with toothpaste.


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