115+20 degree bends

A few table saw cuts for slot.

Glue (2) 1/4x1x3 Flats
Make EzBinoView(s) in a Saturday afternoon:

Cut rectangle block of cedar and sand edges.

Make a coathanger prototype of 1/4x1x15 Alum. flat
(mark screw/tap holes and drill before 135 degree bend*).


* or 90 and 45 degree bends

To find the first mirror surface:
Hold the mirror at an angle, the edge of the mirror cannot be seen. Mark the back of the mirror with a 'B' (2 Bs).

Assemble and cover with a cardboard (cigar) box.

BinoView Simple Aim:

Place chin on tripod handle and view target between eyepieces.


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The Best wide view.
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